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mürzAPP - Explore the museums!

The APP for the SÜDBAHN Museum and WinterSportMuseum in Mürzzuschlag! Learn more about the Semmering Railway World Heritage Site and the history of winter sports!

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The app accompanies you on your tour of Mürzzuschlag’s museums. mürzAPP

Explore the exhibitions of the SÜDBAHN Museum and WinterSportMuseum in Mürzzuschlag! Learn more about the Semmering Railway World Heritage Site, the cultural history of travel and winter sports! Marvel at the extensive collections of winter sports equipment and railway vehicles!

Multimedia Tour

The multimedia tour in the WinterSportMuseum takes you through the history of winter sports by means of highlight objects from the exhibition. This tour takes you on a journey back in time to the beginnings of skiing in Central Europe. Films and audios tell you about this time in a very lively and varied way. You would prefer to discover the SÜDBAHN Museum in an interactive and playful manner? Then the Escape Game "Timetraveller" is the perfect choice: answer questions, look for solutions in the exhibition and discover the way out.


The "Explore" section provides all kinds of additional information on various topics. Interested in finding out how a steam locomotive or electric locomotive works?
Under Explore, you will find exciting and informative videos about this.

The MürzAPP also answers all other important questions about the SÜDBAHN Museum and Winter Sports Museum. How to make your visit to the museum enjoyable: for example, with refreshments at the Schirock Café or an original Trieste Südbahn “Verlängerter” (black coffee with cream that has been diluted with additional hot water).

The MürzAPP is available in German, English, Slovenian, Italian, Czech and Hungarian (not all the content is available in all languages!).

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